Growing up with an Italian mother, the importance of learning to cook was always there. Never in a traditional sense, I learned to cook upon a "pinch of this" and a "dash of that", tasting my food along the way. I was also taught to bake, baking 20-40 kinds of cookies around the holidays along with cakes and pies good enough to be sold in any bakery. So you could imagine how anxious I initially was when I learned I could no longer use the ingredients I grew up learning to cook and bake with. It was time for a plan b. 

I quickly learned what I could and could not eat, as well as the best brands to use and the best places to shop. But I knew I didn't want to keep this journey to myself any longer.


Being a small business owner, as well as an E-commerce and Digital Marketing and Media Manager, I knew I had the skills to figure out how to take my journey and share it with the world. Building a website, creating social media campaigns and channels as well as email marketing for my growing community was all within my reach. With those skills, my lack of gluten and my love for cooking, The Gluten Free Babe was born. I wanted to create a safe place for anyone mourning their loss of gluten or simply wanting to learn new recipes, or laugh at funny memes about how those of us living gluten free can in fact "get that bread" (as long as it's free of gluten). 

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How I Mixed My Love of Cooking With My Love of Business