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Gluten Free Takeout Spots: Quarantine Edition

The rundown for my favorite pick up and delivery restaurants around my home in Sussex County, NJ.

Weird vibes lately, am I right?

If you're new here, my name is Nicole and I'm a big ol (gluten free) introvert. Having Celiac's Disease, I'm taking extra precautions to social distance and stay at home (thanks Dave for getting our groceries!!) - while there's no link between serious cases of COVID-19 and the effects of this specific autoimmune disease, I am doing my part of staying home and sanitizing. I can't say I'm having too different of a time in quarantine - I'm not the most social person and typically I don't have plans. I've adjusted to working from home for the last few weeks, and I've started to decorate my house in my free time. Most importantly, I'm healthy.

I will say, I really miss my Sunday Morning trips to Target.

As the daughter of a small business owner, I am making it my personal mission to order food from local places at least once a week, although realistically it's about twice a week. It's a little different being quarantined and Celiac - there are not quite as many options as delivery services offer, and I have to be extremely careful and specific when ordering (i.e: "GLUTEN ALLERGY! PLEASE CHANGE GLOVES" on most orders). I'm happy to say that since being home, I have not been glutened once. I've worked hard to curate a list of places I feel safe ordering from, and that the staff/owners are knowledgeable with allergies.

Here's my top picks for places for pick up or take out that are gluten free / Celiac friendly.

Sussex County, NJ

  • Twist on Thai (Hopatcong): Easily my most ordered restaurant. Be sure to check out the Pad Pak Kra Tiem (garlic stir fry) and the Royal Pad Thai. Both can be ordered without soy sauce. Like spicy? Request the spice from 1-5 stars (for comparison, I never go past 2-3 stars. 3 stars is make your eyes water spicy, and I eat habaneros raw as a snack).

  • Chapala Grill 3 (Lake Hopatcong): One word - guacamole. Chapala has become Dave and I's go-to recently and their guac is unmatched. Also, get extra salsa because it's DELICIOUS (don't you dare complain about it being watery, it's authentic). I also suggest trying the chicken tacos (with corn tortillas) and the fajitas.

  • Cloveberry (Sparta): Coffee! Gluten free muffins! Up until last week, Cloveberry was the only place to get a good artisanal cup of coffee. They also have a menu, although I cannot confirm that they are currently doing takeout. I highly suggest the iced coffee with a splash of oat milk and getting a gluten free muffin (the fun part is not asking what kind of muffin it is and it being a surprise #quarantinethings).

Morris County, NJ

  • Bubbakoos Burritos (Budd Lake): First of all, the staff at this location are so sweet and knowledgable on allergies. Here's my go-to order: burrito bowl (salt and pepper chicken, white rice, no beans, sauteed onions and peppers, fresh jalapenos, house salsa, corn salsa, fresh red onions), chips and guac (also a killer guac here). While you totally can order from Doordash, I suggest ordering through the website to support them directly.

  • Chili Willie's (Boonton): If you've ever had a conversation with Dave and I, you'd know there are no two people on Earth that we love more than Jose and Jackie (hi guys we miss you). Be sure to try literally anything on their menu. Typically we alternate between ordering guacamole, chips and salsa (the best salsa on earth), nachos, fajitas (the best fajitas ever), chicken tamales, chicken tacos, and the pulled chicken platter.

  • The Pasta Shop (Denville): NOTE: they are currently closed until approximately April 7, however, I still feel it's important to include them on this list. I. Love. Them. If you're local or even within an hour drive (yes, I would drive an hour for their food), the gluten free pasta is unreal. I also highly suggest the brussels sprouts salad or the burrata appetizer. Want dessert? Call and ask if they have their gluten free tiramisu - we love it so much, we literally plan on having trays of it at our wedding (wedding spoiler alert).

  • Damo Eating (Landing): SUSHI! I can't speak on if they have gluten free entree options, but their sushi is great. My go-to? Cucumber rolls and the avocado peanut rolls. Simple. Easy. Delicious. Fun fact: I hate wasabi and ginger, and only order vegetable sushi in rice paper. Sorry, I'm a weirdo.

  • Red Robin (Rockaway): I love Red Robin and their allergen policies (my understanding is every waiter goes through allergen training. Also, separate fryer for fries!!!). My go-to order is a build a burger: turkey burger, gluten free bun, mozzarella, fresh jalapenos, and sauteed onions. Obviously, fries.

  • The Windlass (Jefferson): The last time I was at The Windlass, they made me an absolutely fire vegetarian paella - 12/10 suggest. Also, the staff is super knowledgeable about allergies.

  • Beanbury (NEW! Roxbury): THIS COFFEE IS INCREDIBLE. I have not physically been to their shop yet, but Dave has brought coffee home a few times. From what I've heard the aesthetic of the shop is super cute and trendy (so like, see you after quarantine?). The coffee though is smooth and not bitter. Must try.

Warren County, NJ

  • Mama's Cafe Baci (Hackettstown): I love this place so much, we're having our rehearsal dinner here (wedding spoiler #2!). IMO, there is no place that is better suited to cater to allergies, as well as dietary restrictions/preferences such as gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and dairy free. What we typically love to order: GF perogies (!!!!!!!!!), GF mozzarella sticks (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), GF penne Lo Bianco (cheese-less!!), GF pizza, GF cannolis, GF zeppoles (!!!). Literally anything you order from Mama's is unreal. I also feel it's important to mention that currently Mama's is offering a free loaf of bread - with no purchase necessary. They are truly loving individuals that want to help the community. I just really love Mama's, okay?

If there's a place you frequent, let me know! We're still pretty new to the area and are probably missing some gems. Also, if you try these places, let me know!

Stay safe, stay home, and wash your damn hands.

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