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Bareburger: A Hidden Gem

I. Love. (Turkey) Burgers.

Grill season is favorite of mine, and when it's too cold to grill out (WHERE IS SPRING NJ??) I like to go and find new burger places. Recently, Dave and I decided to try Bareburger in Montclair, NJ for dinner and WOW was I not disappointed.

We waited about 5 minutes for a table, which was kinda super close to other tables and the bar. As someone who's thicker, close tables give me anxiety (but that's a whole different story). Our waiter was kind, but we didn't see him very often. Also their menus are iPads. Too. Freaking. Cool.

I would up ordering a turkey burger on a GF bun with lettuce, sauteed onions and spicy pico de gallo, as well as a side of GF fries. I'm not sure if I've ever inhaled a burger so quickly (except at Guy Fieri's but he's literally a grill master) because this was mouth watering. The burger was juicy and perfectly cooked (have you ever had an over cooked turkey burger? not fun.) and the toppings were the perfect amount. The fries were also delish (and didn't make me sick!!).

Here's my qualm with Bareburger. You WILL pay for what you get. All toppings are extra, as is the side of fries. To me, this was worth it, even if it meant I paid significantly more for a turkey burger than I would other places. If you're on a budget, beware.

10/10 will be going back again. To me, this place was worth every penny and didn't "gluten" me so i am a happy girl.

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