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Eating Out: Alexis Diner

Located in Denville, NJ, this diner is home to one of the best gluten free breakfasts.

If there's one thing I've grown to be a fan of recently, it's breakfast. Specifically breakfast from Alexis Diner.

Being located in NJ, there's a TON of diners. There's about 15 within a 10 mile radius from my home, including the quaint little Alexis Diner. When I first started dating my boyfriend, he quickly learned I loved all things diners but couldn't really eat anything. Until he brought me here.

Alexis offers a plethora of gluten free options for all meals ranging from pancakes and waffles to chicken fingers and burgers. There's countless breakfast options for my fellow gluten free friends as well as our non-gluten sensitive counterparts.

I'm a simple girl. My order is this:

Gluten free waffle, light chocolate chips.

Home fries well done with a side of hot sauce.

Turkey Bacon.

Iced coffee, black.

Is it the healthiest? Meh. But I can eat it without my intestines deciding it's time to throw a dance party. I cannot attest that they have seperate fryers or prep stations, but can say every waiter or waitress I've had has been more than accomedating, taking my allergy serious.

The waffle is perfect- crunchy on the outside and does NOT have that typical gluten free taste. The home fries are grated and have onions, which for me, does well with hot sauce. And the turkey bacon? My favorite kind- uncured. If I don't finish my meal there's a 100% chance of my boyfriend finishing my meal- and agreeing the gluten free food tastes great.

And the coffee? Perfect. Not watery, not burnt, not too strong.

If you're looking for a killer breakfast in Morris County, I cannot suggest Alexis enough.

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