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Going Gluten Free: A Foodie's Nightmare

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

The day the doctor said "no more gluten" I thought my food adventure was over... in reality it was just beginning.

Being in my last semester of college at the time, my day was pretty simple: peanut butter on toast before the gym, fruit smoothie and granola bar as a snack, some sort of salad for lunch or a wrap, and for dinner grilled or baked chicken. Luckily I was eating pretty clean due to a grueling workout schedule at the UFC Gym, but what I didn't realize was that gluten. was. in. everything.

I quickly learned for me it meant no more toast, no more beer, no more soy sauce, no more salad dressing, no more croutons, no more cheat meals of pasta or pizza and no more Chinese food or worse.... desserts.

Or so I thought.

It took a few months to figure what foods I liked and which I didn't but mainly, I learned that my foodie adventure wasn't over and that living life gluten free doesn't have to be tasteless.

Living life without gluten doesn't have to be tasteless.

I will admit, the amount of alternatives that have been launched in the last two years is astounding - initially when I stopped eating gluten, I could only find frozen bread that definitely was not on the budget of a college student. Now, there's a bakery 10 minutes from my house that ONLY makes gluten free breads, foods and pastries. Their baguette is simply delicious and a more fresh alternative to the frozen bread (although I do LOVE Three Bakers Ancient Grains bread).

I've also switched up where I shop - Now frequenting Trader Joe's for my meat, baking needs and pantry items, and visiting my local farmer's market for all my veggie and nut/seed needs. I've learned keeping my food "orders" small allows me to have more flexibility with what I make and more importantly, creates less waste.

In the last two years I've failed at recipes, cried into baking tins, but more importantly created beautiful meals and desserts that any foodie would love. I'm not saying living gluten free wasn't an adjustment, but I'd rather prefer to call it a journey.

Welcome to mine.

The Gluten Free Babe

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