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Recipe: Easy Gluten Free Fruit Tart

Quick, easy and perfect for the holidays... or any day of the year.

Have you ever woken up with the most intense craving? For me, that was a fruit tart. I had ran an errand the day before, picking up (gluten filled, warm and aromatic) french bread and it was just sitting there... the most beautiful fruit tart I've ever seen. But I knew I couldn't eat it... it was made in a facility filled with gluten, and also contained gluten. So the next day I woke up determined and made two stops: Trader Joe's and Walgreens.

I had saw on Instagram that Trader Joe's now had frozen pie crust, and it looked pretty damn good. I picked up a few, banking on the fact that it would be good. I also stopped at Walgreens on my way home to pick up some instant vanilla pudding.

Sure, I could've made a pastry cream, but that definitely would not have been a "quick" pie. Instant pudding it was! I also in my fridge had strawberries and raspberries that were towards the end of their life- what better way to put them to use than to make a pie.

The steps were easy, blind bake the pie, make the pudding, let the crust cool, fill, top & set! Get creative with it, top it any way you'd like! I added a little bit of Italian pear preserve and water to make a glaze to give the fruit that sheen, as well as a sprig of fresh mint from my home garden.

Want to recreate this pie? Tag @theglutenfreebabe in your recreation!


1 Trader Joe's Frozen Pie Crust

1 Pack of Instant Pudding (use whole milk as directed)

1-2 Cups of Fresh Strawberries

1 Pint of Fresh Raspberries

1 TSP Fruit Preserve (I used Pear)

3 TSP Water

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Bake Time: 10 Minutes

Set Time: 30 Minutes

1. Blind bake pie crust according to directions on package (approx 12 minutes) after poking with a fork and filling with pie weights. (I use glass marbles in tin foil)

2. Make Instant pudding according to package. Set aside.

3. Cut up strawberries to your liking. I slice them in thirds.

4. Wash raspberries, pat dry & set aside.

5. Remove pie crust when golden brown. Set on a baking rack until cool to touch.

6. Once cool, fill with pudding, top with fruit.

7. Combine fruit preserve with water. Brush on top of fruit gently for a glossy sheen.

8. Set, Serve & Enjoy

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